Why video should be part of your marketing strategy

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Non-profits and businesses are incorporating video content as a powerful tool in their marketing strategies. I’m sharing my experience and insights on creating video content.

With consumers turning to video to receive information and entertainment quickly (55% of people consume videos thoroughly — the highest amount for all types of content - HubSpot, 2016), it's only natural that companies make sure they adapt video into their marketing strategy. But how do you tell your company's story effectively in short, visual content?

I worked with an organisation where I helped them break the mould by releasing their first ever animation which told their story spanning over 400 years. As when trying anything new, adding video into their traditional marketing strategy took some persuasion, and a potential financial gamble for a small charity, however, the results were instant. Within a couple of weeks into its release, the video reached over 1000 views and their engagement on social media went up by 44.9 per cent.

All tactics should be evaluated to make sure it’s the best choice for your business or to attain your campaign objectives. But if done correctly the return can be phenomenal.

Here are 3 key lessons I've learnt from creating video content:

1/ Clear, strong (smart) objectives from the start

Strong objectives help steer your video in the right direction, keeps focus on your key messages and helps to reassure internal staff members (including senior management) so that they are onboard and supportive throughout. It is challenging trying to condense all the wonderful things and achievements your company is doing in a 90 second video (or less!). Having clear objectives from the start will help identify your ROI that much easier. The main goals with this particular organisation were to be transparent and educate their audience about the work they do as a charity. Releasing a video seemed the most logical thing to do.

2/ If outsourcing, choose the right agency with similar corporate values

It adds a nice touch to have an agency that shares similar values and if possible, has an ethical ethos attached to it. There are many creative and ethical brands out there such as Creative Concern, Yoke Ltd and Enviral. There are a number of amazing and creative agencies out there offering different packages. It's important to find the right one for your company. Sharing common values will help them understand and connect with your vision more easily.

3/ Make sure your video has a long lifespan

Of course you want your video to have longevity and get the most out of the money you invested into it. Being mindful of your content is key to achieving this. My fundamental advice would be to avoid restricting yourself to dates and figures. It is likely that people will look through your video library, so even if you have produced newer content, you should consider each video to have an average lifespan of 3-5years. To maintain their relevance, you don't want to restrict yourself to dates. For example, avoid using sentences such as: "We've been around for 5 years" it may be relevant in the first 6-12months of releasing your video, but it soon becomes outdated within months. Instead keep it open with sentences like this: "We started in XXXX, and are still around today".

Have you implemented video in your marketing strategy? Let me know in the comments below.

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