Why freelancers are good for your business

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Is your business missing something special?

A freelancer can be a very useful addition to your business. Whether you need a professional copy writer for a single project or lacking resources within your team, freelancers come with a wealth of expertise with one core principal in mind – to get the job done effectively and well.

Here are five reasons why freelancers are good for your business.

1. Well-rounded expertise Before someone becomes a freelancer, their time spent working would have been in full-time employment in a similar setting; this is a strong positive, as they will know what it is like working in a corporate or charitable environment. For example, before becoming a freelancer, I have spent over twelve years in full-time employment, this includes work spanning in events management, campaigns, digital marketing, social media and communications combined. I also hold a degree in Communication, Culture and Media, along with a Diploma in Professional Marketing. This brings a well-rounded knowledge and expertise.

2. Extra support so you can focus on the bigger picture Whether you are a small, independent business or a large organisation that is lacking in resource, a freelancer can offer the extra support to your team or work independently so you can focus on the bigger picture. This can be in the form or working alongside existing team mates to support on a campaign, work independently on short-term projects or of course, a combination of both.

3. Flexible working

In general, freelancers are very flexible, and that is the beauty about having one in your business and quite equally it’s attractive for freelancers too and one of the main reasons why they chose to freelance as they can set their own working hours.

So, whether it is working on ad-hoc activities once a week or a few times a month or more contracted projects, you can work with a freelancer to establish the support that is required and how often.

4. Value for money Unlike permanent employees or staff, you are more likely to get great value for money from a freelancer. For one, you’re only paying for the freelancer’s time it takes to work they are doing for you, therefore you’re not paying for coffee breaks, lunch breaks, etc. Also, expect to save 20 to 30 percent annually with a freelancer when you factor in not having to pay for benefits, like paid sick leave and retirement.

5. Fresh ideas to help you think outside the box

Sometimes ideas can become stagnant in a team, and familiar processes can make you feel…stuck. The things you were doing before are either no longer working or you want to implement fresh ideas and ways of doing things to stay ahead of the game. Generally, freelancers are receptive to new technology, cutting edge ideas and suggestions and they are not typically loaded with some pre-conceived attitudes and ways of working. Therefore, introducing someone new to the team like a freelancer brings new ways and ideas to help you think outside the box and offer tips and best practices to make your campaign stand out from the crowd or launching that new project more compelling.  

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